5 Tips and Tricks for a Successful Facebook Poll

Here are a few tips you should consider in order to increase participation in your poll.

1. Customize the Timeline Post

From the Publish section of your poll, you can fully customize the share image, title and description. Select an image that will capture the attention of your fans and encourage them to click on your post to complete the poll.

2. Add a call-to-action message when posting to your Timeline

Don’t just post the link to your poll, tell your followers why they should take a few minutes of their precious time to fill your questionnaire. Here are two examples of customized posts with a call-to-action message :

3. Always use the Share URL for mobile compatibility

A common mistake is to copy and paste the URL of the Page Tab directly on your Timeline. This URL does not work with mobile devices. This is problematic since 80% of users access Facebook through a mobile device. So make sure you share your poll using either the Post on your Page button or the Share URL.

4. Reach a wider audience using a Promoted Post

Most of the time your Facebook posts are seen by only a fraction of your fans (between 10% and 20%). To reach a wider audience, you can pay to boost your posts. This way more people are exposed to your poll and this should increase participation.

5. Did you know we also offer Facebook apps to make contests and quizzes on your page?

Contests and quizzes are good ways to interact with your fans. Check out our examples to see how you can benefit from these apps.