Protect Your Polls With a Captcha

If you run a high-profile poll, there is a possibility that some people are going to try to cheat and submit fraudulent votes. This means that instead of real humans completing your poll, computers running a script (bots) are filling in the form. One way to stop this fraud is with a captcha. You will be happy to learn that we now offer the possibility to protect your polls using a Google captcha.

The Google captcha is a simple checkbox (see the image above) that users need to tick before submitting the poll form. If the Google algorithm has enough confidence that a real human ticked the box, then the user can submit the form. Otherwise they will need to identify objects in an image in order to prove they are really human.

You will find this new captcha feature in the Advanced Options of the Configuration section of your poll. It is disabled by default and we only recommend that you activate it if you have strong suspicions that your poll is being targeted by bots.