New Features For Halloween 🎃

How did you celebrate Halloween in your country? Did you carve a pumpkin? Maybe you went trick-or-treating with your kids or had a costume-themed day at the office. In any case, Halloween is a great time to organize photo voting polls and we just launched new features to help you make it perfect!

Adjust the image format

A common issue related to photo voting polls is that all images may not share the same format. Some photos were shot in portrait mode, others in landscape. When lined up one next to another, it might look a little unstructured.

Set the image format from the layout menu

But not to worry, it is now possible to adjust all your images so they share the same format. From the layout menu on the preview section, you can choose between landscape, portrait or square mode. The smart cropping algorithm will reformat the pictures so that faces are perfectly framed.

Set the number of images per row on mobile

Until now, it was only possible to set a number of images per row that would be applied to both large and small screens. You can now set them independently. You could for example line up 3 images per row on larger screens but only 1 for smaller devices.

Set the number of images per row on mobile

You can access this option from the layout menu of the preview section. To set the number of images per row for smaller screens, first switch the preview mode to mobile.

A few other things…

We worked on many more small features over the last few weeks that were not worthy of their own blog post but are certainly worth mentioning:

  • You can now visualize the results as a bar chart for multiple-choice questions.
  • We redesigned the app navigation to add a second hierarchy of menus to declutter the interface.
  • You can now opt-in to receive a daily summary email containing statistics about your ongoing polls.
  • We introduced a new date picker that takes into account the different regional formats.