A New And Improved Stats Page

The redesigned Stats Page

If you are a regular user, you probably noticed the stats page has changed quite a bit. You will find all the same statistics that helped you make better business decisions in the past, but in a new and improved layout. Here are a few novelties we think you will appreciate:

  • A new chart shows you the daily number of participants. By looking at this chart, you will be able to tell just how fast your poll is gaining traction.

  • A new funnel shows you the exact dropout rate at each step of the process. Understanding users behaviors and where they struggle will help you improve and optimize your polls.

  • We simplified the interface to help you understand the most relevant statistics easily. We also introduced a new color palette for the pie charts. We think it will look awesome when you present your findings to friends and colleagues.

  • We added more export options and improved the PDF export so that it can easily shared and printed.

We hope the new stats page will delight you and help you make better decisions. As always, we welcome your feedback and love to hear about your success stories.