Introducing Question Skip Logic

Skip Logic is a feature that was long overdue and we think it is going to add great flexibility to your surveys. But first, what is Skip Logic? Like the name suggests, this lets you set conditions on which one or more questions in your survey can be skipped depending on the participant's answer.

Here is an example. You want to research the effects of video gaming addiction among teenagers. Your first survey question could ask participants for their age and if they are not part of the target age group, you could send them straight to the end of the survey.

Another example would be a client satisfaction survey where you ask customers if they are happy with your services. If they answer negatively, you can follow up with a question asking how your services could be improved. If they are happy customers, you can skip this question.

Now that you understand what is Skip logic and when to use it, let's see how you can set it up in the survey app. Start by creating a new survey and go to the Advanced Options tab from the Configuration page. Check the option "Enable Question Skip Logic".

Continue to the next section where you can add questions. In the question creation form, you will see a new dropdown under each option that let you select where the user should go next. By default, the survey will continue to the next question but you can skip to an ensuing question or send the user directly to the end of the survey.

Question Creation Form with Skip Logic (highlighted in yellow)

Here are a few things you should consider before using Skip Logic:

  • When you enable Skip Logic, you can no longer choose to display all questions on the same page. Questions will be laid out one per page.
  • You can set Skip Logic for all questions types but only Multiple Choice and Dropdown questions can be used to set conditions based on participants answers.
  • If you move or delete a question, verify your skip logic conditions afterward. Conditions could be removed to avoid conflicting branching.
  • You cannot skip to a preceding question, only forward skipping is allowed.

We encourage you to give Skip Logic a try for your next survey and let us know if you have any questions or suggestions regarding this new feature.